Making new order

如何开始一个新订单 - 详细操作步骤指导
How to make a new order  - step by step instruction


1. 打开网站

Open website:


2. 点击屏幕最上方黑色条形框内的LOGIN

Click Login as indicated above


3. 进入Account Login页面,输入E-mail地址及password后点击Login进入到新页面进行分类选择(如果是新用户,需要先注册成为会员,再进行这一步骤)。

On account login page, enter email address and password (if you are new customer, then you need to register first), then click login button

to a new page


4. 在页面中间部位显示有产品类别,将鼠标指向所需要的类别,页面将会显示类别中的明细子分类,点击即可进入该分类。



On this page, you can click and open product category at top of page ( as indicated above), for example, you want to buy raw herb “Ai Di Cha”, then clickHerbalmedicine, choose raw herb


5. 点击矮地茶,进入到矮地茶购买页面。在ADD TO CART左侧输入需要购买的数量,再点击ADD TO CART键,将产品放入购物车。

Then click open item ‘Ai Di Cha’ page, enter the amount you wish to order in the quantity box, then click ‘add to cart’button.



6. 成功放入后,页面将显示Success: You have added Ai Di Cha 矮地茶 to your shopping cart!

After adding item to your cart, your page shows ‘success: you have added Ai Di Cha to your shopping cart!


7. 以同样的步骤将需要的所有产品都放入购物车中(例如,我们需要3份矮地茶,2份白豆蔻,1份大茴香),点击页面右上角的购物车标志,会出现购物车窗口。



Repeat process 5 and 6 to add items to your shopping cart, click the downward arrow at the top right hand corner of screen, then click

view cart, to show all ordered items.


8. 在购物车页面检查所选产品的数量、金额。如果产品数量有误,可在数量位置直接更改(A处),更改后点击刷新图标进行刷新(B处);如果需要删除某个产品,点击该产品删除图标删除(C处);如需要增加新产品,点击Continue Shopping键继续挑选产品。

After viewing shopping cart, to add or subtract quantity in box marked as A, then click update icon marked as B; to delete item, click remove button marked as C. You can now continue shopping or proceed to checkout.


9. 按照结算页面提示的方法,一步步完成结算付款。

Then follow the steps on checkout page, to complete your order.